To put you in safety wherever you are

The connected Geo Sentinel devices are watching your safety whatever the place you are. Isolated, lost, this concentration of high techs is the item that made you linked to your family members.

No need to panic thanks to the SOS button you are in direct contact with the person of your choice, who will be able to geolocalize you, talk to you and organize an emergency rescue action if required.

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Your health status to secure you

Traveling alone, expatriated or worker in height, Geo Sentinel is watching you.

Thanks to health sensors integrated in our connected devices, at the first physical weakness, a warning is sent to the registered people (employers, family members…).

An ergonomic platform available everywhere

The Geo Sentinel Solution offers a private access to a secured management and warnings following platform.

Backed by a technological partnership with Jaguar Network, Geo Sentinel hosts the personal collected data inside a perfectly secured cloud infrastructure.

Essential actor in the Data Centers area, Cloud and Communication networks, Jaguar network is ISO 27001* and PCI DSS** certified for its data centers and operates in conformity with the prerequisites of the ASIP SANTE***.

*Data security management system international standard.
**Payment card industry security standars
***Digital health french agency

To find your way inside buildings

Thanks to the Indoor geolocalization, your moves inside a warehouse or an office are monitored in real time.

During a fainting or a distress situation, your position can be found trough the Geo Sentinel platform.

To geolocalize you all around the world

The connected Geo Sentinel watches are equipped with an efficient geolocalization system. Wherever you are, your moves are geolocalized.

So during a potential dangerous situation you can send an alert, your position will be immediately detected.

You will no longer in danger thanks to the SOS button

You are alone and you will endangered or in a distress situation, with only one push on the SOS button you can warn your family members or your employer to be geolocalized and rescued.

Very discreet, the SOS button is perfectly intregrated in the Geo Sentinel watches.

To rescue you during a fall

Your moves in hostile or isolated environment are no longer a source of stress, because even alone, Geo Sentinel escort you and follow yo step by step.

During a fall, a warning is sent in order to get you localized and quickly secured.

Geo sentinel available on mobile and tablet

Egnonomic, the application Geo Sentinel offers a simple and complete navigation.

The health status and the collected warnings can be consulted online on any computed, mobile or tablet.

You can follow wherever you are and at any time the user physiological status and moves.

Connected devices adaptated to your needs

Geo Sentinel offers solution adaptated to your usages. You have a need ? Geo Sentinel will fill it.

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