Freedom in complete safety

The Geo Sentinel solution offers the possibility to monitor in real time the physiological condition of your family members or patients.

Thanks to smart sensors and an SOS button integrated into our connected devices, you are immediately warned in case of falls, runaways or health crises/signs of distress.


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Only one object, a whole mass of possibilities

Thanks to Geo Sentinel, you are able to collect and consult vital signs/health statistics/ health data in real time, receive warnings in case of hazardous events (faintings, falls, runaways, or a change in the physiological state of the user) while benefiting from the functionalities of a smartphone.

All of these features are in the same connected device


Geo Sentinel at the heart of your health

Our health is a major concern for each one of us, even more so for dependent and isolated people.


Our Geo Sentinel solution allows our family members, care givers, and medical professionals to anticipate potential risks endangering the user’s health.


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Geo Sentinel actor of your safety

Geo Sentinel allows you to prevent risks and improve your quality of life at work. Whether you are a foreign visitor/a traveller/a foreign resident/an expatriate, an isolated worker, or you engage in hazardous activity, our solution brings you the safety you need.


In cases of abduction, falls, or situations of distress, Geo Sentinel sends out a warning in order for you to be quickly rescued and cared for.

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The Geo Sentinel solution awarded

Our innovation has been honored in:

October 2016: Geo Sentinel received 2nd place at Start-Up Weekend in Aix-en-Provence.

March 2017: At 36 Heures Chrono: “Advancing Digital Health,” Geo Sentinel received third place.

April 2017: Geo Sentinel was given an award by the Initiative Remarquable label which promotes and supports the creation of economic activities, recovery-transmission and the development of the community.

Geo Sentinelwas selected from among almost 70 companies to participate in CES in Las Vegas in January 2018.